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Need of Counselling

Career Counseling 29-11-2016 08:52:59

Counselling supports students, guardians and common people in making complex decisions easily. It focus on over all career related issues, relationship related issues and life critical issues, as well as health and medical issues. Stress, Anger, Anxiety, Fear, Phobia dts all needed counselling for solutions. Counselling help in decision making, solving issues and over come from dilemma. It will help you to know your Interest, abilities and to understand yourself to make career in educational and professional front. It also helps you to boost up mentally and physically. Counselling is much needed part for motivation in our life.

What We Do....?

  1. We will try to figure out your skills and potential, your area of interest and what you want out of  your education, your career and your life issues.
  2. We will talk about your thoughts, ideas and concern about your career, your life style, your living standards,your health and educational choices which will help to develop a plan to achieve your goals in life.

Some of the Concerns that bring Students to us....?

  1.          I am confused about my career?
  2.          I have no idea what i want to do?
  3.          I know what i have to do but confused about future prospects 
  4.          I want to know what kind of jobs i can get with my studies
  5.          I am not sure which specialization or subject is good for me.
  6.          I can't concentrate or score on my studies.
  7.          I feel very depress during studies or in my life.

So before taking any decision for career and education, do consult professional for right career education ........

Ashish Pandey

Counselor & Career Planner

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