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Rlationship Counseling

Relationship are a very meaningful part of our lives, and can bring us a great deal of happiness and fulfilment. Strong connections with our loved ones, friends and work colleagues allow us to see at our healthiest and most productive,and for many these relationship offer an important source of advice, guidance, love and support. All relationships ups and downs, but some times they can bit stuck and it's hard to talk things through or get to get a positive solution. That's when help from a skilled couple relationship counselor can make all the difference, Whether you are feeling things just aren't quite right or whether you are encountering serious diffeculties, we are here to support you towards a positive outcome. Our relationship counseling service is deliverd through one or more 50 minutes sessions with you and your partner, or with you alone, if you prefer. Session are usually face-to-face and are completely confidential. Sometimes meaningful connections break down, which can leave people feeling lonely, disappointed and unsure of what to do. In some cases our relationships may not be fulfiling our expectations, which can impact our happiness and life satisfaction. On the other hand, some people may crave close friendship and/or romantic relationship but find them very difficult to come by

Common problems in relationship:

    •  Lack of trust, Betrayal or affairs.?
    •  Financial issues, Work-related stress.?
    •  Different sexual needs or other sexual issues.
    •  Abusive behaviour, Jealousy.
    •  Different goals and values.
    •  Cross culture or Intercast Relation.
    •  Different parenting styles.
    •  Family issues, Domestic Violence.
    •  Controlling behaviour.
    •  Lack of communication.
  •  Whatever the relationship issue, there is help available in the form of relationship counseling. In this setting a counselor will work with couples or individual to explore their needs and what they want from their relationship, while offering support and advice to help them get their relationship(s) back on track.

The overall aim of couples counseling is to help you do the following:

  •  Understand how external factors such as family values, religion.
  •  Lifestyle and culture affects your relationship.
  •  Communicate in a more constructive way.
  •  Learn why arguments escalate.
  •  Negotiate and resolve conflicts where possible.