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Corporate Counseling

We offer Corporate Counselling Services to employees and working professionals. Our team can offer your employee to share their problems in safe confidential environment. The impact of stress and demotivated employees affects the quality of work in your office, and a difficult corporate working environment with various levels of stress could lead productive employees to seek employment elsewhere resulting in a loss of valuable skills and experience for your business.

  •  Research has shown that approximately 70% employees are suffering from work related stress resulting in more than 20 sick days each year.

Our expert counselling session will provide you:

  •  Reduced absenteeism
  •  Retention of valuable employees
  •  Reduced levels of stress in the workplace
  •  Harmonious working environment
  •  Conflict Resolution
  •  Over work, Bullying, Difficult Colleague
  •  Anger and Frustration Management
  •  Customer Relation Management